Happy Women’s Day! Or Is It?

I know I’m late in posting this – but, who will care?

Happy Women’s Day

Every year, on the 8th March , the whole world celebrates this day as a respect to all the amazing women out there.

But, looking closely ~
I still see things happening which makes me question whether this is just a simple normal day with a tagline.

Women are still being whistled on the road…
They have to think twice before actually wearing that cute mini dress.

And,My dad still gets worried if it’s already dawn and I am not home yet.. As, we all know there are monsters on the road who just want to rob us our clothes.

The classic saga is still here after 25 years old, “it’s time to start looking for a husband” or, the wedding demands start pouring in like rain.
There is still that “OMG” expression when they hear that you are not proficient in cooking yet, because, you know you have been giving your time outside working hours to learning more skills & side projects.

But, who cares about that? 
Learn cooking – else what would your in-laws say? 😮

But, what I really wanna hear, what we all wanna hear is this –
“I love how far you have come on your career path” or,
“When are you building your empire”

Oh…and, then there are those women who don’t even know what is Women’s Day since, they are juggling between taking care of the kids and the home.

Imagine the high expectations imposed on the newly married bride…

So, who’s fault is that?
The society? The people? The Culturescape? The mentality?
Or, simply US? 

I don’t know why it is like this.
I just know that change comes from me, from you, from us.

And, on that day, I would like to say to all the women out there:

You’re freaking amazing.

And, you can do things that no one would have thought you could.

Learn to say “NO” to what doesn’t make you happy.

You have dreams. I Know.
Have the courage to pursuit them.

And, for once be Strong Enough to Put Yourself First.


Happy Women’s Day.

I wasn’t Hers. And, She could never be Mine.

I never knew I could love someone that much until I met her..
And, you know what?
I wasn’t hers.. And, she could never be mine..


I saw her that day..
Conversation hummed in the crowd as she sways her way out towards her tribe..She was drop-dead gorgeous in her chalk-white strapless dress adorned with her carmine heels. I was spellbind by her beauty.

I loved looking at her. It was something that I couldn’t explain nor say aloud.

It’s been three weeks since I treated her like crap, she didn’t deserve that from me.
But, what can I do?
My feelings were getting overboard for her.
How could I ever tell her? How could I ever believe that myself?

And, I lashed out at her on something so stupid because I needed to keep her away from me.

She has made new friends now.
She’s different.
I am amazed of how she pulled out her strength and is feeling so much joy now.
She was not even looking at me; it was as if I never existed for her.
She was ignoring me till I fade and, I deserved that.

I can’t keep my eyes off her.
That smile.. I gazed at that smile. It’s that smile which attracted him in the first place. Her simper smile which made her blue eyes brightened more.
Her cheeks rosed as she was grinning from ear to ear with that guy.
I felt a sharp pang of jealousy.
Men were always hovering around her like bees.
It wasn’t her impeccable beauty which kept the men coming back for her; it was her everything.

I watched her dissolved in laughter, flipping her thick black curly hair like a shimmering mermaid who glowed like moonlight on the darkest night.
She looked so beautiful.
She had everything that I ever wanted in my soulmate.
And, I can never have her ever.

I closed my eyes, listening to her melodious, cheerful giggles.

I wanted to take her back home and open my soul to her. I wanted to rock her like a baby in my arms, and tell her my darkest secrets. I wanted to share my deepest wounds and cry with her.

And, as I opened my eyes, all I wanted to do was to love her.

Her hazel eyes shifted on me for a second before she turned away.
That moment held my breath.
She knows why I behaved like this. Like a Dick.
I know.
But, we can never say it aloud.
I had never felt that way about another woman, not even about my own fiance.
Yes, I was engaged.

Now, you know why she just could never be mine.. And, why I wasn’t Hers.


Author Interview & Giveaway ~ Vanessa Morgan

Hey my beautiful people! 🙂

Today, I bring you Vanessa Morgan! And, wait for it.. There’s a Giveaway!!

About Vanessa Morgan


Vanessa Morgan is an author, screenwriter, and blogger. Three of her stories (The Strangers Outside, A Good Man, and Next to Her) have become movies. When she’s not working on her latest book, you can find her reading, watching horror movies, digging through flea markets, or photographing felines for her blog, Traveling Cats.

Avalon (memoir)


My two latest books couldn’t be more different from each other. The first is called “Avalon.” It’s the true story of my Turkish Van cat who made a name for himself by becoming a movie star. But he also differentiated himself because of his neurotic tendencies – he was so jealous he concocted special techniques to get my boyfriend out of the house, he vomited purposefully on my guinea pig, and managed to speak a few words of French (I swear this is true). But what made his life truly special was the out-of-the-ordinary bond we shared together.

When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals


The latest one, “When Animals Attack,” is a horror movie reference guide comprised of 70 essays on horror movies about killer animals. Each essay is written by a different writer. Among those writers are film historians, filmmakers, actors, bloggers, horror fiction authors, and film festival programmers. I edited the book and wrote the introduction and the essay on Wild Beasts. It’s the ultimate guide for everyone who loves creature features.

The Interview 

  • How long did it take to write “Avalon” and “When Animals Attack”? The first rough draft of “Avalon” took about two months, but I needed about a year to rewrite and perfect the book. “When Animals Attack” also took about a year. I initially gave my writers three months to write the essay, but 70% of the writers couldn’t meet that deadline. Several of them fell off, so I had to look for other writers. Half of the new batch was equally bad with deadlines, and so on.
  • What inspired you to start writing? The desire to write started when I saw Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” on stage when I lived in London. I instantly wanted to create something equally beautiful. I started writing soon after and haven’t looked back since. I think that what I really want to accomplish is to make people feel something through my writing, to entertain them and to make them discover something about themselves.
  • How is the journey of a screenwriter? It’s a weird one. I started my career by wanting to be a screenwriter. I tried for several years but my efforts never paid off. Then I started writing books and suddenly producers were coming to me to ask if they could turn them into films. I never tried to sell the rights; it just happened.
  • Three of your stories (The Strangers Outside, A Good Man, and Next to Her) have become movies. How was that experience in turning your books to movies? Was that unexpected or planned? “The Strangers Outside” was someone’s first movie and the result is not something I’m proud of. However, this film started my cat’s movie career and I had great fun on set. “A Good Man” was technically well done but it included only a chunk of my original screenplay and didn’t reflect the story the way I intended it. I’m most happy with “Next to Her,” because the director, cast and crew managed to not only portray the story truthfully, but to make it much better than it was to start with.
  • Where can we watch your movies? I’d rather you don’t watch “The Strangers Outside” and “A Good Man” because they’re not representative of my work, but you can watch “Next to Her” for free if you subscribe to my newsletter. 
  • What is your favorite motivational phrase?
    “Become your dream”
  • Who is your favorite writer or idol?
    I adore Carol Drinkwater’s writing style. I used to love John Saul’s thrillers when I was a teenager, and I recently reread one of his books and it really struck me how similar my writing style is to his.
  • What is your favorite movie? I’m absolutely crazy about a creepy seventies movie called “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death.”
  • Something that you love other than reading and writing? Going to film festivals, eating out, obsessing over my cat.
  • Did you expect so many of positive reviews on your books? I always try to do the best I can, so I always hope for positive reviews but I don’t expect them. “Avalon’ is the book that was best received so far and the only one where the reviews really blew me away. I kind of expected the story to annoy people, because I wrote it to honor my cat and didn’t think my life with him was that interesting. I also expected people to hate it because I was 100% honest about my failures and insecurities and how they influenced the obsessive bond I had with my cat. But somehow, the story touched people and many recognized themselves in it.
  • Something you would say to aspiring writers who are just at the beginning? Don’t worry if your writing is awful in the beginning. I promise you it will get better. And if you ever doubt that you’ll never be able to finish a book without someone else’s help, you’re wrong. If you persist, you’ll always find a solution.

Where you can keep in touch with Vanessa?

Now, for the Giveaway!

Vanessa is giving away 2 Kindle books ; Avalon & When Animals Attack.
Be sure to enter the rafflecopter link below and show her some love :’)

Deadline is 18th March 2017!
The winner will be announced on the following day!

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The Mask

Sipping my hot chamomile tea at my favorite coffee shop – Coffee Vibes (yeah, I’m not really coffee person & they serve great tea also there) , I remove my specs and scanned my eyes through each corner of the surroundings.

I come here every sunday afternoon to write on my articles.
Plus, I just love their velvet cupcakes and macaroons.

I was more of an observer rather than actually using words..

My eyes stopped on that pretty blonde girl.
Frequenting Coffee Vibes so much made me remember the faces that visit the place every sunday.
They look familiar now, rather than strangers.

Pretty blonde girl is waiting for blue-eyed boy. It was their usual sunday date, except it wasn’t..
See, I caught a glimpse of his boyfriend with another woman last night at the club.

As she closed her eyelids slowly, I could feel the sadness taking over her. She Knows.
I felt a moment of despair as I saw the boyfriend pushing the front door of Coffee Vibes.
My gaze shifted to blondie, imagining the worst – a slap maybe? or loud cries?
And, my eyes were left in shock.

She was beaming from ear to ear, receiving her mate in a passionate embrace.

What just happened?

Ohh.. She put on her Mask… The Mask….

But why? Is it because of the money? Or she’s afraid? She thinks she’s not good enough to get someone else?

I shook my head hopelessly.


The Mask… Everyone has one..

And, everyone wears it at some point…

But, why? 

Are we afraid of our flaws? Are we afraid that the world will laugh at us?

It’s like that girl who takes so many selfies everywhere because she feels insecure about herself. But, the “likes” on social media makes her more confident.

Or, that someone who molds his personality & transform himself in a completely different person, so that he can be accepted in the group.

The mask… everyone has a mask.. so that they don’t feel rejected and be accepted by the “society”, their “tribe”..

But is it really your tribe if they are accepting your mask instead of your real self? 

What’s the use of having such a tribe, where you have to pretend to be someone else the whole time.. and, the only time when you can be yourself is when you’re alone.
That’s kinda lame.

It’s so rare to find someone who is letting his real self outside, with all the imperfections.

Yeah, I know showing your real self is going to cost you people in your life; maybe they will all leave and you’ll be all alone. Not, maybe.
They are gonna leave you.
But, trust me it’s worth it. 

Because, it’s only when the wrong people leave your life, that the right ones enter.
But, you gotta let go of the mask and JUST BE YOU!

Being you will push away all the wrong people in your life.

Be strong enough to walk alone & to wait for the genuine people, who will really love you with all your flaws.
It’s worth the wait.





Top Best Quotes From Harvey Specter that Will Motivate You

For Gabriel Macht…


I have to admit something..

Harvey is My Man.. and, will always be

If you don’t know Harvey – you just lost 80% of your life.

You CANNOT not know Harvey. He’s that badass freaking awesome lawyer who works for Pearson Specter Litt in the most exciting city on earth ~ New York.

When confronted with shit from life – Say “What Would Harvey Do”  

“Now when I got here, I dominated. They thought I worked 100 hours a day. Now, no matter what time I get in, nobody questions my ability to get the job done. Get it through your head. First impressions last. You start behind the eight ball, you’ll never get in front.”



“What are your choices when someone holds a gun to your head? You do what they say or they shoot you, right? Wrong! You take the gun. You pull out a bigger gun or you call their bluff or you do one of another 146 other things.”



“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”



“That’s the difference between you and me. You wanna lose small, I wanna win big.”


“Don’t play the Case. Play the Man”


“Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.”


Harvey can be a real motivator if you know how & when to apply his words.

And, then…. there’s Donna…
but,that’s for another blog post :’)

#Suits #Harvey #Specter

Michael ~ There’s None Like You

Okay – Can we talk like what happened in the latest episode of Jane The Virgin?

Mike Cordero Died????!

Like What Now???


I’m putting this picture because he’s too cute in it….

Okay back to the fact that Michael actually died 😦

I didn’t expect that to happen.
How am I gonna watch the show without Michael in it?

His love for Jane was so pure and real… 


And, the bromance with Rogelio??
Where we gonna get that now..


But, seriously..

Michael, you were amazing 🙂
In everything.. We loved you on the show & we always will..
As long as the show goes on – you will always be remembered 🙂


And, yes.. I will not end this without saying that Gina Rodriguez’s acting was spectacular..
It was so real, that it made me froze & I actually felt that pain inside, as if I lost someone close to me..

I will not post a picture of that scene – it makes me sad and angry that Michael is dead.

Brett – We Love You & We will always Love You


If You Change Nothing ; Nothing Will Change

Last week, I got sick.
It was a bad flu – Lost my voice and stuffs that happen when you get sick.

That’s not the worst part or the point..

The worst part was that it decreased my productivity at work, my brain stopped working as it had to be, I got less smart.

That Sucks! 

We all hate being sick..
Am not talking about the people who actually love getting sick, to escape from work.
Am talking about people who actually love to live, instead of just being exist.. people like us.. like me..

We hate being sick.. We want More Money..
Our dream Job.. We want..
Good Food.. The best relationship.. We Want.. Our soulmate.. that our business flourishes..
We want success.. Good health.. to be Fit always.. more energy..
We want lots of things.. we want the best.. the best of everything.. like you know – those people who have like everything..

Ah.. so many thing we want.. I want those things too..

Here’s the thing – I know I get sick often & I know also that in order to have a better health, I had to take care of myself.
But, did I?

Did I change something in my daily life to contribute to a better health?
No, I didn’t… and, the cycle continued..

The same applies to all aspects of our life..

If we are not willing to make the change, we’re gonna lead the same life every year.. the same shitty relationship – low energy or that idea that remains in your head only.


If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change.

You want more money? You want a better relationship?
Be willing to change something – add something up.

Get out of that comfort zone..

If you change something in your daily routine, you are actually giving rise to a better future.

Yeah, there’s fear – laziness – rejection – the “what if it doesn’t work” – the “wanting to stay in that comfort zone” because it’s familiar, comfortable..

But, if you wanna be extraordinary, you gotta do it..

I always say, your brain is the most powerful muscle – learn to use it wisely.

Make it believe that you’re ready for change because you’re freaking amazing & you wanna be extraordinary, and just take the Leap!

Go For It.. Everything will fall in place.. If you don’t take the first step & actually send the universe that message “I’m bringing some astonishing changes to my life” , the universe will help you and aligns things for you..

You can have an exceptional life, you can seriously have everything that you have ever wanted..

If other people can do it , so why CAN’T you?

You Can. And, You Will

I believe in You 🙂

Do it.. it’s NOW or Never :’)