My Best Movies of 2016

  • The Good Dinosaur


  • Me Before You


  • Age before Adeline


  • The Secret Life of Pets


  • Swiss Army Man / Imperium


  • Deadpool


  • Zootopia


  • ARQ


  • Finding Dory


  • Don’t Breathe


  • Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children


  • The Jungle Book


  • Now You See Me 2


What was your best movies in 2016?
Share with me!
I haven’t put Doctor Strange & Fantastic Beasts in my list yet – haven’t watched those yet!

Feeling lost? Get Yourself Back!

Ever got to a point in life where you felt lost? 
Like, something was missing…and you felt like you were losing yourself? 

Life is so unexpected.
It never goes the way we want. The way we planned it.

Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t plan anything in our lives.
Make things happen, but be ready to deal with unexpected stuffs too.

And, sometimes in a moment, life changes.
We get a new job. New work environment.
New relationship comes by.
A new social circle.
It can be anything which just drops out of the universe.

Now, we get so caught up in this “new” thing that just happened to us, that eventually we start to lose ourselves.
This happens because we are trying to adapt to that “new” thing that just happened to us – it’s freaking awesome.. that soulmate love is finally here! Or, my dream job is finally here!

It’s called the honeymoon phase in a new relationship where everything is beautiful.
But, what happened when the phase fades?

The reason why it is important to stand up your ground always.
It’s human nature to get caught up in new stuffs happening around you 🙂

So how do you NOT lose yourself in the process? 

  • You’re responsible for your happiness. Put Yourself First (PYF)


Putting yourself first isn’t selfishness!
It’s Self- Love.

We have only one life.
And, we all deserve the best of happiness.

Always ask yourself this –
“Does it makes me happy? ”
If the answer is no, then don’t fucking do it!

If it’s yes, then Just go for it! And, let the universe take care of the rest! 

  • Don’t let go your “self-love time”. 


It’s normal to get caught up in your new, busy , routine life in the beginning.

But, seriously – Get Your Shit Together when your life has settled down.

Your “me” time? Don’t let it go for anything..
It is so important to have your self-love time every day.

Do what you love every single day of your life 🙂
It doesn’t have to be a big thing.. what do you love?

Just do it!!!

Because, that’s who you are!

  • Be You. Always. 


When you enter a new environment, a new circle of life, it is normal to feel yourself being moulded to this particular environment.
And, along the way you may feel like losing yourself just to adapt to this.

You gotta be comfortable with this –
“People will judge you. They will laugh. Criticize. Make you feel inferior. Or that you’re not good enough.”

When you come across those kinds of people, this is actually the universe telling you that these are not your people who will make you grow.
And, it is at this time that you gotta be yourself more.

Stand up your ground. 
You’re unique. Different. 

But, you know what? That’s what makes you awesome!

The right people will cherish you 🙂




100 Episodes #Arrow

For those who don’t know me, I am a HUGE fan of DC Comics.. Like seriously, the addiction is huge!

So, Arrow made its 100th episode!
And, we all saw the pictures on Instagram 🙂
I loved Colton’s outfit 🙂

Arrow, 100th Episode Party


They all looked great!
But, where’s Barry? 😛

Let’s talk about the Crossover!!!!


I have been waiting for the crossover since I watched the episode at Comic Con.
And, now when it’s finally here!

4-days Crossover ~ Awesome! 

Putting Arrow, Flash, Legends & Supergirl together was a mindblowing idea _

  • Supergirl

The suspense of showing the breach in supergirl every now and then was cool.
I just wanted to see more of Barry on supergirl, but we got to see him & Cisco arriving at the very last minute.


But, it’s okay. It kept the suspense of why they went to see Kara.
With “To be continued on the Flash”

  • The Flash



I have been avoiding any type of leaks/spoiler on the crossovers.
So, aliens? That was a new one for me :p

Heroes vs Aliens

I always love to see Barry & Oliver together _

Barry teamed up everyone.

I just miss Snart on Legends.  Wentworth Miller was epic as Captain Cold, seeing him taking up a character completely from Michael Scofield was nice.
So, I miss him.


And, everyone got to know about how Barry screwed up the timeline…and affected some of their lives.
Oh, Barry…we all love you…

  • Arrow

I have to say ~ I loved the episode!
Of putting them in another life, a hallucination, then bringing familiar faces back for this specific episode.

We saw the Black Canary…


Making John the Green Arrow was unexpected… but, well played


The episode was perfect ~ how Oliver’s life would have been, with his parents alive, getting married to Laurel.

We caught a glimpse of Roy Harper..

City of Heroes

I liked the episode!

  • Legends of Tomorrow

Interesting revelation from the aliens showing that they are here because of Barry.
I didn’t see that coming.



Cisco to Felicity ~ “Haven’t you seen Stranger Things?” 

And, the moment Oliver was falling & Supergirl caught him 😛

The crossover ended well with Barry & Oliver having drinks together _




What My Dog Taught me

What my dog taught me?
Am I serious?
My dog can’t even talk & he taught me something….
Yeah, he did!

He taught me something that people couldn’t teach me..

The name is Prince… He was named Prince because I believe that animals should also be given royal treatment.
See, Prince wasn’t much of a dog house; he loved to be outside only. We have a big garden, trees everywhere, flowers & he likes that.. Being outside.. sleeping on the grass..playing in the mud..

But, last month there was a construction going on just in front of our home & Bad Timing as it was, the front gate was broken.. Oops!
So, we couldn’t let him go outside till the front gate wasn’t fixed in case, he ventures near the construction site.

We moved his little house in the garage so he could get cozy.
Now, there is a fence separating the garage to the whole garden.
So,  I won’t have to worry about him getting out.

But , he did get out…

Day 1 – He jumped and I found him sleeping on the greeny grass.
We scold him, made him understand to not go out.

Day 2 – He jumped again.
Prince doesn’t fear anyone and anything, except my dad.
So, when dad scolded him, I thought he understood and will stay in the garage.

Day 3- He jumped.
Dad increased the length of the fence.

Day 4 – He chewed the fence, made a hole. Then, jumped out of the hole.
I was getting worried as we are not at home during the day.
So, I bought pet toys, favorite food, balls for him to get busy.
Dad fixed a cardboard where he made that hole.

Day 5 – Yeah, you guessed. He got out.
I have no idea how he managed to removed something that thick – he pushed, he chewed, he bit.
But, he got out..

This went on every single day…

He just wouldn’t give up!!! Why?

We put every barrier/obstacle that you could possibly imagined, but he still managed to get out..

He always finds a way.. A Way

Until that day, I found a bunch of his dark black hairs stuck in one of the fences and some blood.
I ran to see if he was okay and I found him playing in the mud, as happy as he can be..
I could see the blood dripping, but he was happy.
He was enjoying…

And, it hit me.. 

Being there, was his happiness.
Being inside the garage was sadness.

So, he found ways to get out everyday to get to where he’s happy.

He just never gave up.. Ever!

Getting that happiness was like survival to him.

And, we are humans. We have what animals don’t have.
And, still. Still.
People give up. People complain.

“I hate my job”
“What do I do with my relationship”
“I have no money”
“It’s the weekend. Now, I can be happy for 2 days”
“Monday is here. I hate my life”

The list just never ends.

You’re not a tree.
If something or someone doesn’t bring you happiness, you can MOVE.
And, if you can’t MOVE, then you find a way to deal with it.

But, you don’t GIVE UP.


My dog has become a type of inspiration.
Am like – If Prince didn’t give up, and I am human.
I can’t give up. Ever.

Funny story, isn’t it? A stupid story the society would classify it.
But, it’s just the way you interpret things 🙂
And, learn from them.

Why Justin Baldoni is one of my Idols?

Justin Baldoni: Actor, handsome, sexy, director, husband, dad…..and, it goes on. 
But, I’m not here to talk about how handsome he is! 

See, I never heard about Justin Baldoni until I started watching Jane The Virgin.
Amazing show! If you haven’t watched it yet, you should!

Chapter Seven


So..yeah I started reading about him, following him on every social media sites he is.

He became a crush just like any other celebrity….until he became an Inspiration 🙂


Why is he an inspiration, you asked?

  • My Last Days


CW:MY LAST DAYS! I think this is most important reasons why Justin Baldoni is one of my idols.
For those who don’t know, My Last Days is an inspiring documentary series created & produced by Justin Baldoni, Wayfarer Entertainment with Soul Pancake, where people with terminal illness share their stories & make us believe that we can all make a positive impact in the world.

I followed the story of Zach Sobiech – “You don’t have to find that you’re dying in order to start living” 

You can find Zach’s song “Clouds” here:

I have no words about “My Last Days”. All I can say is that it changed my outlook of life.

Happiness is not a limited resource. 

  • The APPS – Shout The Good & Belly Bump


Justin : “We built Shout to be a place where anyone can go to be reminded of why they matter in the world, and to use their voice to shout the good about their friends. Only the good lives on Shout, the rest of the Internet can handle the negativity.”

I’m sad that this app isn’t available in Mauritius!!!


“Every day you’re pregnant, you’re already kind of missing it,” Baldoni says. “What’s so cool about an app like this is it allows you to capture that moment of that day—the day you really started showing or whatever it is—and you’ll be able to reference it in a little short movie that you’ll have forever.”

  • The Good 30 : Happiness Movement

Justin Baldoni started the Happiness Movement to make someone happy in 30 seconds.
The #Good30

It doesn’t have to be a big thing 🙂
Just bring a smile!!

  • His Love for Emily Baldoni

The way he respects women 🙂

I really admire this trait. Justin Baldoni is a true gentleman 🙂

  • Maiya

#Dear Maiya
You have a wonderful father.
I follow Justin’s stories on Instagram & Snapchat.
The way he captures everything , every little memories is worth it 🙂

That’s not the only reasons why Justin should be an inspiration.
There’s countless reasons 🙂


Just remember Happiness isn’t a limited a reason..