Laura Cordon – Featured Guest

Hey my lovely Friends! Today, I bring you my Featured Guest : Laura Cordon!


About Laura:

I am a spiritual life coach. I work with clients to guide and support them to connect to the truth within their hearts and live from that truth. I came into this career as a result of my own personal and spiritual transformation. As soon as I discovered how powerful these tools and practices are, I had to start teaching and sharing them with others. Some of the tools I use and teach in coaching are meditation, mindfulness, visualization, breathwork, journaling, affirmations, prayer, manifesting techniques, and mirror work. I have been able to create my dream life and I want to show others that they can create their dream life too.

How I met Laura?

It was last year while I was going through a hard phase. I was looking for some meditation practices and life coaches when I stumbled upon Laura’s website. I had a free-coaching call with Laura and for those minutes, she really helped me. I still practice her meditation techniques; “Manifesting your Happiness”. You won’t believe this has been helpful in manifesting what I desire 🙂

Laura, how did meditation change your life & do you encourage people to practice it?

It was only a few years ago that I was struggling to get out of bed, get dressed and show up to where I needed to go each day. I started meditating 5 years before that but I only ever used it as a tool during times of desperation: when I was in pain, when I couldn’t sleep, when I was feeling overwhelmed, when I was stressed about exams, etc. It always helped to ease my suffering, allowing me to return to my day-to-day life as it was before. Meditation was how I dealt with pain and discomfort in my life. It always helped me get through hard times but it only started to transform my life when I started practicing daily.

I was 21 years old, in my final year of university. Mentally, I was feeling lost and hopeless. I was filled with anxiety and experienced moments of depression and rage. I put myself down a lot and hated my body. Years and years of believing I wasn’t good enough came to the surface as the surface of my body (my skin) became covered in eczema. From head-to-toe, I was covered in painful, irritated, itchy skin. The only way I can think to describe it, is feeling like my whole body was covered in sunburns and mosquito bites.

The doctors I visited were less than helpful, offering me solutions that were unsustainable and only masked the problem. It seemed they could only offer me quick fixes that would damage my body and wouldn’t last. I often left the doctor’s office crying and feeling hopeless. The only thing I could think to do was take baths, cover my skin in lotion, meditate and cry a lot. Every morning and every night, I got into the bathtub and pressed play on a guided meditation. I think it was the only time I breathed and let my shoulders relax all day.

As I started practicing daily, things slowly started to change in my life. As with any deep change that starts from within, it was slow and gradual. I started to use deep breathing when I was feeling stressed during the day. I started feeling more connected to God and after the suggestion from my dad, I started to pray at night thanking God for 3 things. My intuition grew stronger, making me feel more connected to my higher self and guiding me to decisions that logically made no sense but something in me knew it was the right decision (some of the best decisions in my life were made this way). The thoughts of worry, frustration and self-doubt lessened. Over time, my mind and body started to heal in every way.

I became more joyful and at ease. I became a more loving, kind and compassionate person towards myself and others. I was guided to my purpose. My skin started to heal as I healed my relationship with myself. My faith and spirituality grew. Meditation healed me from the inside out.

Now, I no longer only use meditation in times of desperation. I meditate every day and it seems like there are fewer desperate times in my life. Combining the practice of meditation with a relatively healthy mind, body and spirit, allows me to be the best expression of myself. Meditation brings acceptance to the darkness. Meditation brings gratitude to the light. Meditation opens me up to self-discovery. It enhances my creativity. Meditation keeps me grounded. Taking a few mindful breaths and going within can transform any moment. Meditation opens me up to being a more kind, compassionate, and loving being.

Meditation can be as simple as starting your day with 5 deep, mindful breaths and noticing what’s happening in your body. The more you do it and the more consistent you are with your practice, the greater the transformation will be.

Where you can find Laura?

Instagram: @lauraycordon
Snapchat: @lcordon

Dhawal Joshi – Featured Guest

Hey there everyone!
I bring you my First Featured Guest today!

About Dhawal


Dhawal Joshi is a 19 year old Blogger from the City of Mumbai, a city that never ceases. He is an avid reader and has a mini library to suffice his voracious reading habits. He is to be a Computer Engineer and has an optimistic & practical approach towards life. He is talkative by nature, a proud gujju and a happy go lucky guy. He loves meeting new people and chats online a lot. Don’t forget to message him sometime 😉 He celebrates 28th April every year as the day when he started his adventure on earth. He is a passionate and a moody writer. He is currently writing a Mystery/Thriller on Wattpad, you can find links from the blog. He sometimes works as a freelancer for blogs and can write on a wide range of topics. Coming from a technical background he is well versed with Techy Stuff.


  • What inspired you to start writing this story?

The instances happening around me in real life, made me think about the real meaning behind these words “friendship” & “relationship”. I know these are most commonly used words but do we really know their meaning? That thought lead to creation of this story’s plot.

  • Why did you choose “mystery/thriller”?

When I had started writing, I hadn’t decided about genre but as I went ahead with the plot idea it turned out to be a mystery/thriller. Isn’t life a mystery/thriller too?

  • Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is Mr. Chetan Bhagat. Many of the published authors think that the stories that he writes are just crap as he uses extremely simple language. But in reality those books turn out to be best sellers as they aren’t just bunch of words written in some high level English but they convey a story which makes him my favorite author.

  • How was your story’s journey on Wattpad till now?

It’s still an ongoing story and speaking of journey it is memorable. First a few chapters went totally unnoticed. Like it literally took around 3-4 months for the story to get reader’s attention. Once people started commenting others too got interested in it an after like 5-6 months readers were choosing my book and well it hopped into what’s hot at top 6 which was a awesome feeling that any author could get.

  • Would you recommend newbie writers to write on Wattpad?

There’s only one thing that I would love to share with others that don’t get a cliché mindset before starting your writing, whatever you may write. The content is important and the level of language is just complimentary. Don’t confuse the readers elaborate wherever necessary and keep it short sometimes as short scenes can be mysterious.

  • Something you love to do other than writing?

I write because of my passion for writing. Similarly there are other things that I like which include sketching, playing around with tech and machinery and even singing when no one’s listening 😉

  • A challenge that you encountered while writing the story?

The biggest challenge while writing story was to keep consistency in chapters and come up with timely updates as I am an Computer Engineering student and I get meagre time for any extra activities.

  • Your story was ranked 6th position in the mystery genre. Did you expect that so many people would appreciate the story?

Well, I knew somewhere this story would be touching hearts but I didn’t had any idea that it would be this soon. At times there are awesome works but they never get discovered. I am glad that people enjoyed my work and I’ll try my best to keep up with their expectations.


Where you can connect with Dhawal?

The story is really amazing guys. It keeps you going in that suspense – it’s like you need to know what will happen next.
Be sure to check it out 🙂

You can follow him on:-

    Kik :- dj_cosmos


Big Announcements!

I have some amazing announcements for my blog!
And, the fact that I love to celebrate & be grateful for the small things!

Yes, my blog is growing & I feel so happy about it!

Okay..First thing, IOS 10 is amazing! I’m sorry guys, I know a lot of people are hating it, but I just love it…And, the imessage features just never fail to amaze me.
And, Oliver Queen agrees with me, so 😛


Okay..Let’s be serious about my blog!

  • I am going to be featured on My Trending Stories!

My Trending Stories is a new website who prides itself on one specific value: giving back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression.

My Trending Stories seeks to inform readers about the latest news and events occurring globally and aims to be one of the biggest blogging websites on the world wide web. Their goal is to provide a platform to our writers to reach a broad audience as well as networking opportunities and establishing connections with other powerhouses in the industry.

This is huge for me that people are recognizing my writing skills and that my blog will be presented over a broader range of audience 🙂

We strongly believe that your writing aligns with our core value, and would love to have your content displayed so that it can reach an even broader audience.

You can follow me on My Trending stories too!


  • I got 100 likes on the blog! Yay!


isn’t that awesome? 😀

Okay- The Big thing now!

Iheartmylife is moving to the next level. I’m going to host Author interviews on my blog!


And, for my first interview – I’m going to have Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author in Love & Romance! It’s a surprise, so stay tuned if you are a Book Lover!

I will be also be participating in lots of Book Tours 🙂

So, if you’re an author – I would love to interview you!

Next – If you have been through my blog recently, you will see that I have implemented something new – The Featured Guest!


I am collaborating with people so that they can share their story, journey to you guys; my audience!

So, if you want to be a Featured Guest on my blog, please reach out to me! 
You know where to find me – Under the Collaboration Tab! 

I am very much excited, last year my blog wasn’t even moving, and now it is!

This is like a milestone to me 🙂
I am so very grateful and I love you guys!

Thank you so much for subscribing, for showing me your love ❤
I wish you all Happiness!

Wrath of Google for Website Design by Amit Mantri

Yes in Digital World, Google is considered as “Lord of Search Engines” but this may be a controversial statement as in China & Russia Google’s presence is negligible. These countries have their own search engine like BAIDU & YANDEX respectively which are quite popular. But in rest of the world as shown in below info-graphics on Search Engine Market share GOOGLE is the King. So let’s talk about only “LORD Google “right now. But before that just check these infographics of May 16:


If you happen to search, of course, Google search for phrase “Wrath of God” …the following definition of the bible is shown “The fact that God just means that He can and will judge between right and wrong and He will administer justice in accordance with His standards. “

Now let’s see what is Google’s mission “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.  To achieve this mission, Google constantly reinvents its algorithm to show the best useful and relevant content to its users.

“Voila”! There is a similarity between Wrath of God & Google’s mission statements. As God judges between right and wrong as per his standard so does the Google and if Google finds sin, the penalty is assured.

So what is Google Penalty?

In simple words, Penalty is the result of misdeed done by you on your website knowingly or unknowingly to get ahead in SERP based on the update in Google Algorithm. This penalty can make your entire SEO effort go for a toss. There are 2 types of penalties; manual penalties and algorithm penalties. In this guest blog I will limit myself to manual penalties pertaining to Web designing.

Google Algorithm: is it a Rocket Science?

As per Google “You want the answer, not trillions of web pages. Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want.” Click on the link and you will get how Google search performs.

Now let’s discuss on how Google penalizes you on Web Design aspect:

We will touch the negative aspect in a moment but Pls go through the checklist for Designing Website. Over here I have tried to jot down how a good website can be designed .In spite of all the precautions we take but due to constant tracking by Google it becomes important to avoid being getting penalized.

Pls go through this Info-graphics and it will clear the air on Google Penalties for Web Design.


At last, I would conclude with following note, Pls make a user-friendly website and not for any search engine. User has to be satisfied in all respect as he is at the core of SEO. If the basic principle is followed than SEO will show its organic results and there would be no   “WRATH OF GOOGLE”.


I thank the owner of for giving me an opportunity to do a guest post.


Amit Mantri